The MSU Division of Public Health focuses on population health from its home base – the College of Human Medicine’s Flint campus. Being embedded in the Flint community allows our faculty and researchers to understand the assets and needs of the community while studying Flint’s most pressing public health issues.

Spartans work side-by-side with community partners and healthcare providers in a community-identified and community-participatory public health focus model to:

  • Encourage healthy behaviors, mitigate chronic diseases, identify environmental health risks, and examine social factors that influence community health
  • Prepare graduate students to become competent public health professionals to meet the needs of communities across the globe
  • Engage agencies, professional organizations, and community-based partners on collaborative projects to improve health care delivery that will lead to reductions in health disparities in the community, the state of Michigan, and beyond.

Division of Public Health News

Taking on the Colonoscopy Ick Factor

Every year in the U.S., colorectal cancer claims more lives than traffic accidents. Dr. Todd Lucas is working to improve colorectal cancer screening and prevent needless loss of life from cancer. 

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Healthy Flint Research Symposium

On Friday, March 15, 2019, the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center brings together researchers and practitioners to share public health research findings.

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The Places You Can Go with a MPH

Leah Maschino has always been interested in helping people. She is working her passion by strengthening Flint families and helping prevent substance use disorders.

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How to Treat Depression in Prison

Of the 4 million prisoners released each year, 23 percent suffer from major depressive disorder. Due to resource shortages, many go without adequate treatment while in prison. 

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Accreditation Update from MPH Director

The online MPH program is advancing public health and the well-being of local and global communities. With more than 550 Spartans in Public Health, MSU is making a difference.

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