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The Flint Women’s Study

flint womans study

We interviewed 100 women or people serving women living in Genesee County about the hopes, dreams, needs, and strengths of women in the county Community members and academic partners pulled out key themes. Complete results can be found here . Some community resources identified in the discussions are here . Brief summaries of answers to two questions are below.  

Creating initiatives for Flint-area women 

Everyone we interviewed is helping women in their own way, whether as a friend, a family member, a mentor, a pastor, by teaching practical skills, or by making things that other women need. We invited everyone who participated and others to come back together to hear the results and plan what we could do together to empower and assist women in Genesee County. This effort brings all of our talents and skills together on behalf of Flint-area women.

To be part of these initiatives and discussions to empower women in Genesee County, please reach out to us by completing this electronic form . Contact us for questions, suggestions, and to be involved! We had an initial meeting on July 14th, 2018. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday Nov 29th, 2018 6-8pm at MSU at 200 East 1st, Street, Flint, MI (Room 132).

Community partnership

This project is a partnership between Drs. Jennifer Johnson and Kent Key at Michigan State University (MSU), and Flint community partners Bishop Bernadel Jefferson and Mrs. Janice Muhammud. The study is community-friendly was approved by the Flint Community Ethics Review Board.


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